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IPods and Life

Today is a beautiful spring day that I enjoyed by driving back across the desert from my brother’s in Phoenix to home in Palm Springs, about a four hour journey.  Some parts of the desert are a little green from winter rain and the air was clear enough that I could see the snow on our mountain from 75 miles out!  The desert has a certain beauty but my favorite desert plants are the saguaro cactus, which are unique to this desert.  Some live to be 100 years old and can reach 15 feet or more.  Small desert birds drill holes between the needles and make them into homes, where their eggs are safe from snakes or larger birds.

I had cancelled my satellite radio as an unnecessary luxury, since I only do long distance driving a couple times a year, and I listened to my IPod which plugs into my system media which I don’t usually use around town.  I have about 300 pieces on the old thing.  About half way home I realized that I was feeling this great peace about life and the world.  Maybe that was because I skipped the morning news!  Then I started to think about what my music collection was telling me!  It was kind of like, “This is your life!”

I smiled as the magnificent variety poured out.  Vera Lynn that I don’t actually remember because she sang during World War II and I was just born then!  Ah, Patsy Cline and John Denver from Army days in Germany.  Abba and Elton John from the crazy years in the 70’s.  Barbara Cook, Etta James and Muddy Waters, cause my tastes were “growing up.”  James Dupree and Harry Connick, Jr. because I was mellowing out. Capella Romana doing Russian Orthodox and then the Gaithers, lifting eyes heavenward.   Westlife because I like to hear the words to a song!  So there it is: one’s life history on their IPod!

I’m not exactly sure who to add next.  At 72 years old, perhaps “Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal” from the Orthodox liturgy, or “Nearer My God to Thee” from the movie Titanic? 🙂  Its nice to be mellow about one’s life, even though it was kind of like living 10 lives in different places.  And I don’t feel like this one is my theme song, “Is That All There Is?” by Frank Sinatra.  There’s always something to be grateful for!


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