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My little church, Saint Raphael, owns a building in a four-plex.  We face south along with a building attached to our side.  Behind us, separated by about 12 feet are two other units, facing north on Ramon Road.  Our building is two-story with worship space, classrooms and restrooms on the bottom floor, and an elevator and stairs lead up to a social hall and kitchen.

In the building behind us you find IVTHC, or Inter Valley Therapeutic Health Center.  They sell “medical” marijuana, which can be done in California.  We have worked out some issues with them, like with any other business, usually regarding parking.   They have added a lot of security lighting on their building, which is also beneficial for us.

After our Parish Council meeting this morning I went over to tell Bill, their manager, that our Council agreed that if they install extra lighting onto our building, they can connect it to our electric and we will pay the monthly charges, which they had proposed to us earlier.  Bill told me that the vacant building next to us has now been sold and some kind of construction office is moving in, and the people are really nasty.  So this is interesting: that the church is Christian enough toward them that they know me by name!  But the construction office is nasty!

During our Easter week when something came up, I had Bill come over to see inside our building, where preparations with flowers and food was taking place.  It didn’t take much insight to see that Bill was a bit amazed at the quiet and reverent space that existed next door to their business.  Our friendliness paid off once already when their night security patrol found one of our outside doors inadvertently left unlocked and took care of it!

As we observe Mother’s Day tomorrow, it is a good time to reflect on how the mother of Jesus quietly fulfilled her role in history.  Mary is a perfect example of how one person can have a great influence on those around them, not by being pushy, angry, picketing a business that we don’t like, or being “holier than thou” but by just treating others like we would like to be treated.  Mary was Mary and accepted her role.  Churches can do the same, even when you find yourself next to a marijuana store.  Like you don’t need to be a theologian to figure that out!


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